Seymours’ garden irrigation systems and garden watering systems.

Optimising the amount of water used is of great importance to all gardeners for both financial and ecological reasons.
The most efficient times to water plants are late at night and/or soon after dawn. Using a hand-held hose, even the most dedicated gardeners would have difficulty in following this routine! An irrigation system can be set to any times that would benefit your plants, whilst using the smallest possible amount of water.
Also, an irrigation system is more effective than a lawn sprinkler or hand-held hose. By installing a rain sensor or with a certain amount of supervision by the owner to adjust for the temperature and rainfall, an irrigation system can deliver the optimum amount of water at the right time. In this way, it will deliver more water to the roots of the plants and less will be lost through evaporation and run-off.
Further mains water can be saved by capturing rainwater as it runs off roofs, storing it in a reservoir and dispensing it when needed.
Care in designing and implementing such systems is required for them to be cost- effective and to avoid damage to existing gardens. Not all properties are suitable for both of these installations. We would be happy to visit your garden to advise you, free of charge, within our working area and normal business hours.

The hand watering alternative

The most cost effective and efficient time to water is early in the morning or in the evening, when the water will soak in to benefit the plant and not immediately evaporate.
We recommend the following watering routine (full details are sent with each of our planting quotations):
For each plant:
Every day for the first 7 days after planting:
Pot size up to 3 ltr. Shrubs and herbaceous plants – 10-15 seconds.
Pot size 4-10 ltr. Shrubs and herbaceous plants – 15-20 seconds.
Pot size 11-25 ltr. Shrubs – 15-20 seconds.
Specimen shrubs and trees larger than 25 ltr. Pot size – leave hose pipe trickling at the base of the plant for 5 minutes or so.
7-28 days after planting – as above but every other day.
Thereafter until the end of the first growing season – as above, 3 times per week.
Following the first growing season you will need to water only in hot dry weather.
This schedule should be varied according to weather.
Visual check:
To ensure adequate watering, scrape away the top few cm. of soil near the plants and check that it is damp.
If too wet, reduce and if too dry, increase the watering.
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