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Seymours Landscapes
85 Stoke Road
Stoke D'Abernon
Surrey KT11 3PU

Tel: 01932 808388
Email: enquiries@seymours-landscapes.com

Recent Testimonial;
Landscape construction in Bookham. Job HC10207
"Very plea
sed indeed with the end result. The garden steps are just what we wanted. Excellent workmanship. The very impressive amount of equipment and materials was used and cleared away without a trace. Two very pleasant men did the work and kept us involved in progress."

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About us

In 1918 Frederick Seymour set up a market gardening business from a small nursery in The Parade, Epsom, which expanded in the 1920s to larger premises elsewhere in Epsom, (now Elmslie Gardens). His son, Basil Seymour joined his father in the 1930s and was particularly interested in landscape design and construction. After 6 years of war service in the army, Basil returned to find a business on its knees in 1946 and it was not until the early 1950s when he won the contract to create playing fields (now owned by Chelsea Football Club) on farm land here in Stoke D'Abernon that the business was secure.

Whilst building up a very successful landscape business, Basil with his wife Pat and his brother, also found time to build in Ewell (now a 'Homebase'), one of the first of the highly successful garden centres in this country. However landscaping was Basil's abiding passion and throughout the 1960s and '70s the business won a succession of medals for the exhibition of gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

On joining the business in 1975, Basil and Pat's son James started a swimming pool construction department as part of the landscaping services of the company and over the next 10 years build over 120 domestic swimming pools.

At the Chelsea Flower Show of 1981 Basil and 5 other designers met to inaugurate the Society of Garden Designers. James was its 7th founder member. It now has membership of over 1000 and is a leading body in the industry and continues to promote the highest standards in Garden design. James was the Honorary secretary for the first 13 years of the society's existence.

Further success at garden shows followed with medals being won at the Hampton Court Flower Show. By this time the business was located here in Stoke D'Abernon - no more than a quarter of a mile from the site of the playing fields project that had re-established the business some 50 years earlier.

In 2008 James decided to concentrate on his landscaping activities and to lease out the garden centre - most recently to a new operator: Squire's the well known successful garden centre group.

With its background in landscaping dating back 75 years and a business nearing its centenary, the current team at Seymours is experienced and eminently qualified to help you to create a setting that will complement the architecture of your house, and a garden that will give you and your family many years of pleasure.

You will find our office at Squire's Cobham Garden Centre (previously Seymours Garden Centre).
Please call us to arrange a meeting, either in our office or at your home on 01932 808388 or email: enquiries@seymours-landscapes.com